About Me

Hello there! First of all, before I begin introducing myself, I want to thank you all for visiting my blog 🙂 My name is Kasi and I avoid gluten consumption due to severe sensitivity. Like many I was extremely lost when it came to adjusting to my new lifestyle. I was 23 at the time, so I had had plenty of exposure to normal food fare prior to my diagnosis, and dreaded that I would never be able to enjoy food again. I spent the first year consuming the average run of the mill gluten-free products at the grocery store, but after a while it gets boring and to be honest at the time they didn’t taste very good  (although they have gotten much better). I got fed up with it and decided to try and make my own alternatives to the items I once loved. Honestly I can thank Pinterest for exposing me to a lot of different options when it came to cooking and baking (it has been an absolute LIFESAVER). With some practice I am now able to improvise upon recipes I find searching the web, as well as create my own, and have gained a greater sense of pride and confidence that my gluten sensitivity diagnosis had once diminished.

My goal is to provide inspiration, not only to those who cannot consume gluten, but all those looking for healthier alternatives to their favorite dishes. The common misconception is that a gluten free diet is bland, boring and an overall end to our lifestyles as we know it. I’m here to debunk that myth; a gluten free lifestyle can be just as wonderful, if not even more. I am not going to lie, it takes an awful lot of getting used and just as much experimentation in the kitchen, but it’s worth it. Once you discover that the meals you once thought you couldn’t eat are doable again there is NO BETTER FEELING. The inability to consume gluten should not define you nor hinder you; your gluten-free life can be just as awesome as it was before. I will be posting  photos and at times corresponding recipes of my most recent culinary creations in hopes to provide you with awesome inspiration to get yourself in the kitchen. I will also be posting about my fitness journey, life and travels. You can also follow me on Instagram for more posts 🙂 Instagram

Once again thank you for visiting and stay tuned for some exciting, fun and delicious posts! Remember: Gluten free can be wonderful ❤

(Disclaimer: I am not a licensed nutritionist, personal trainer or clinical professional. I am posting to provide photo graphical inspiration as well as words of encouragement. I will not give you clinical advice about your diet or fitness routine, you should consult your care team if you have those types of questions. In recipe posts allergen warnings will be posted.)


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  1. Nora says:

    This is great Kasi! I’m excited to try some of these recipes 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kasi says:

      Thanks Nora! 🙂


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