Asian Inspired Rice Noodle Soup

My best friend Olivia is staying at our apartment for a few weeks while she finishes up her last physical therapy rotation. In celebration of her first weekend here, and our unanimous love for Asian inspired cuisine, I decided to stew up some “pho”. I would consider this pseudo-pho because there are a few elements not present in this dish. But the warm, cozy and happy feeling you get from pho is definitely there. It’s super simple and takes about 20 minutes to complete (most of the time is spent prepping you veggies). It is definitely 20 minutes well spent.

Would you just look at it 😍

Here is what you need, but feel free to add or omit whatever you’d like. This is a recipe I just made up so you definitely can get creative with it!

1/2 onion of choice

1 green bell pepper

A small bushel of green onion

Mushrooms of choice

1 T of minced garlic

3 T butter of choice (this definitely balances it well)

2 T lemon juice

Gluten free soy sauce (to taste)

Beef (or other broth of choice)

Salt to taste

1 T ginger powder

1 package of rice noodles (Mai Fun)

To make this beautiful soup:

~In a large pot cook down (medium low heat) diced onions, garlic and diced green peppers in the 3 T of butter

~Add in a small amount of broth and the ginger

~Stir in sliced mushrooms and slivered green onions

~Pour in remainder of broth and add in desired amount of salt, soy sauce and the 2 T of lemon juice and simmer while the rice noodles are cooking

~In a separate pot boil just enough water to cover your rice noodles, remove from stove top and pour over noodles (let sit 10 minutes)

~Add noodles to broth, stir and enjoy!




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