Long work days call for a simple dinner…

We all have those days; you get home from work late, hangry beyond belief and are faced with the decision to whip up something or take the easy way out and scarf down a bowl of cereal (I admit I am guilty of cereal scarfing, especially now that Cheerios are gluten free). Cereal is good and all but there are several things you can whip up in a jiffy that will keep you from knawing your arm off. Tonight I made a turkey burger with ketchup and mustard wrapped in lettuce. I am telling you this is as simple as it gets, so if you tell me you don’t have time, you lie. The turkey patty was a good ole frozen one from the grocery store (sans gluten of course). I cooked it straight out of the freezer for 6 minutes per side. To top it off I melted some smoked provolone and did that cool old diner trick you see on Triple D where you splash some water on the griddle and cover the patty with a metal bowl (I may watch too much Food Network…. Nah). I ripped off two large leaves from some good ole iceburg lettuce and nestled the patty on one leaf. I then topped with mustard and ketchup and covered the top with the second piece of lettuce. All in all this whole ordeal took me 15 minutes. Plus; I got to eat a delicious, and not to mention lean, burger. You know you want this…

As always, enjoy!💜💜💜



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  1. Paige says:

    Which turkey burger brand did you find?? I can only find veggie burgers that are gluten free!


    1. Kasi says:

      Jennie O All White Meat Turkey Burgers

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