Devil’s Food Cupcakes

Here is part II of Chelsea’s surprise cupcakes. Like the Pina Colada Cupcakes I  had to opt for store bought mix due to time constraints, for these beauties I utilized Betty Crocker’s Gluten Free Devil’s Food Cake Mix (prepared as directed on box). This recipe yields a dozen full-sized beauties 💜

I placed the cupcakes in the freezer to cool while I prepped the filling. It was super simple, gluten free instant chocolate pudding mix. Once the pudding set up in the fridge I stirred in 2 T of coffee grounds and enough Tito’s Vodka (gluten free 😊) to my liking without making the pudding too soupy. I cored the cupcakes, brushed them with Tito’s and filled each one with filling. The icing was store bought this time, hot pink Funfetti icing (because Funfetti is what cake dreams are made of). It worked pretty well for piping I was pretty impressed. Once iced I topped each one with a light up princess ring. Note: just like the Pina Colada batch feel free to leave out the alcohol, these were for a bachelorette party so spicing them up a bit just made sense 😉

Bling Bling!
They belong together

Bake on my friends 💜




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